About Us

Welcome in the amazing world of coffee and tea.

In our shop you will have a chance to try tea and coffee that you have never known before.

Try, smell, taste, enjoy – simply play with coffee !

Aromi offers a huge variety of flavoured coffees ( eg. blackberry, advocaat, whiskey, royal brandy, rum, amaretto, banana and many others) among which you will find definitely be able to pick your favourite. Our flavoured coffees are freshly roasted high quality beans with addition of aromatic oils mixed together carefully in order to get the most exquisite and well-balanced final product without dominating the actual tasteof coffee. Our teas and coffees are not only a great alternative for a classical espresso, americano or latte, but they are also a perfect base for making desserts, cocktails ice creams or to be served as ice coffee.

For those preferring teas, apart from a standard selection of good quality brews we also offer ‘blossoming’ teas – masterpieces created by tea masters. Those teas ‘grow’ in your teapot creating an intensive experience not only for your taste buds but also for your eyes. Alternatively there is an option to try one of our herbal teas which are a great supplement of our offer, such as nettle, stevia, melissa, young barley or many others.

In Aromi you can buy fresh beans or leaves to enjoy at your own home. Finally we offer a great selection of gift hampers and gift sets perfect for any occasion during the year. Additionally in the Christmas period we offer seasonal goods which can be purchased individually or custom set for you. Aromi is a place where you can get the whole world of teas and coffees in one place.

Take a moment to sit back , relax, and drink coffee !