How is Flavoured Coffee Made ?

For many, working life would feel impossible without a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning.

It has a stimulating effect, although for many people its taste and smell are the most important. In addition to classic Arabica and Robusta coffees, more and more people choose flavoured coffees, enjoying the addition of their favourite spices or delicacies. The flavoured coffee can therefore have an additional spicy note, but also cookie, banana, citrus and even mint notes. 

The process of making flavoured coffee:

Arabica coffee is the world’s most popular type of coffee. It is most widely used for the production of flavoured coffees. 

Considered to be the best of coffee beans, more delicate and noble than Robusta, which is most often used for coffee blends. Arabica itself has a rich flavour and aroma, often with a dominant hint of chocolate. 

Flavoured coffee is created during the process of roasting and cooling coffee beans. The roasted grains are sprinkled with water to which aromatic oil is added. At this stage of production, they have the greatest tendency to absorb additional aroma.


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