Black Flavoured Tea – Nights with Scheherazade – 100g


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Who among us would not like to spend time with Princess Scheherazade and listen to her beautiful fairy tales “1001 nights”. The selected composition of this tea will take us to this extraordinary world of fairy tales, and its sophisticated mysterious taste will provide us with unusual taste sensations. Tea can be drink at any time of the day.

Assam FOP black tea gives an amber-colored infusion with a deep, slightly malty aroma. The taste of the ready drink is distinct and intense. It goes well with milk and honey. Delicate sweetness and bright color make Assam tea a solution recommended for both adults and children. Its noble taste is appreciated by people all over the world. It is definitely recommended for people who value the richness of aromas while maintaining a subtle note.

The composition of the tea: Assam FOP black tea, cinnamon grits, ALMOND flakes, dried raspberry, flavor, freeze-dried apple, freeze-dried red currant, cornflower flakes.

Country of Origin: India

Storage: Store in a dry place at a temperature below 25°C, in a tightly closed container.

How to prepare:

1 teaspoon per cup

Water temperature: approx. 95°C

Brewing time: 4-5 minutes.

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