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Located in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is one of the most colourful and dancing islands globally. Although there are many charming corners there, the island’s true magic is hidden in a misty forest, unique in terms of nature, situated in the Blue Mountains. It is from there comes unrivalled loved by connoisseurs, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Jamaica’s share of the coffee market, however, is only around 1%. For this reason, delicious Jamaican Arabica is hard to find, and tasting it is an unforgettable experience for every coffee lover. The Blue Mountains, located in the eastern part of Jamaica, are famous for the unique microclimate that shapes the Arabica Blue Mountain. Due to the constant condensation of water vapour, cloudy and foggy weather persists in the Jamaican plantations. Heavy rainfall, moderate temperatures and fertile soil are also characteristic of the region. The annual rainfall is here is 5,000 mm. All this means that coffee trees can mature under almost perfect conditions. Approximately 25,000 farmers grow coffee in the Blue Mountain Mountains. The growers are usually small farmers who have areas smaller than 0.5 ha. The total area of Arabica cultivation is about 6,000 ha. Although the Blue Mountains’ highest peak is at 2,256 meters above sea level, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee plantations are locating at 914-1666 meters above sea level. The higher area is intending for a forest reserve. The Coffee Industry Council decides to include the Jamaican Arabica in Blue Mountain, which awards the appropriate certificates. In Jamaica, it takes about ten months from the time the coffee trees bloom to the beginning of the fruit harvest. The harvest is in the period from January to February. Cherries are harvesting by hand. Each time the growers harvest only ripe fruit.

Arabica Blue Mountain is processed using the “wet” method. Arabica Jamaica Blue Mountain is a guarantee of refined taste, combining a touch of luxury with the radiant colours of the Caribbean. In Jamaican coffee, you can find the best of everything. The gentle, creamy sweetness of Blue Mountain Arabica blends perfectly with her balanced, silky body. The coffee perfectly harmonises with each other delicate notes of nuts, chocolate and flowers. The real crowning achievement of the composition is refreshing fruity tones. Arabica Jamaica Blue Mountain exudes a captivating scent of flowers and herbs. The mild acidity balances the distinct aroma and sweetness of Jamaican coffee. Arabica Jamaica Blue Mountain is the true culmination of any coffee adventure.

Body – 4/5

Acidity – 3/5

Aroma – 5/5

Storage: Store in a dry place at a temperature below 25° C, in a tightly closed container.

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