Japan Sencha – Organic Tea – 100g


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Japan Sencha Organic Tea

Traditional Japanese green tea is filling with intense plant tones. Sencha, derived from organic farming, is characterised by both exceptional taste and numerous beneficial properties. Its secret lies in the unique method of processing. The tea harvest begins in early spring, at the end of April. Immediately after harvesting, the leaves are steaming for about 15-20 seconds. This process helps to reduce the oxidation of the nutrients they contain. Then the leaves are appropriately shaped, dried and sorted. All these procedures help to preserve the depth of the natural flavour and bring out the best in Japanese tea.

Japan Sencha Organic is a truly health-promoting drink. Japanese tea grows in fertile areas with intense sunlight. It is especially rich in polyphenols, and vitamins A, C, E. These compounds have a strong antioxidant effect – they fight free radicals, delay ageing and lower the risk of cancer. Sencha is also recommending for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, digestive problems and diabetes. It can also support the weight loss process.

Japanese Sencha is an excellent proposition for all lovers of plant refreshment in a classic setting. Japan Sencha Organic tea delights with grassy, ​​sea and fruity details, immersed in a golden-green infusion. Its subtle sweetness perfectly harmonises with delicate bitterness. The whole is underlying with a highly fresh, herbal aroma.

Japan Sencha Organic tea is just as good as a stimulating drink at the beginning of the day and a great complement to the afternoon relaxation. It will add lightness to all everyday meals. It is also worth trying it slightly chilled.


Brewing method:

The amount of tea: 1 teaspoon per cup

Water temperature: approx. 75-80 ° C

Brewing time: 1-3 minutes.

This operation can be repeated three more times.

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